The ideas, goodwill, and generosity of volunteers, organizations, and private contributors has been fundamental to the success of San Francisco Saludable and we invite you to get involved with our project too.

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Your input is valuable to us and we would like to know what you think about our work. Perhaps you too have had a similar experience that is worth sharing.

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Amanda, a Canadian volunteer, in an Anit-Litter Sign Making Workshop

Amanda, a Canadian volunteer, in an Anit-Litter Sign Making Workshop

Volunteers are always welcome to come and help with the San Francisco Saludable project. There are limitless opportunities for local and international students and tourists ranging from activities in environmental education to innovative construction with reused materials and art projects such as mural painting, sign making, and garbage sculptures. Set up your own internship or organize an independent study. The community has all the accommodations necessary for volunteers and local families are always willing to share their culture with them. For more information please contact us at


Your donations are crucial to the operation of the project until we reach self sustainability with our current activities. We are always in need of materials and tools, educational and technical. For more information please contact us at


Una respuesta a “Participate

  1. Nelly Schlaefereit & Sophie Wuerzer

    Dear Brian,

    We got your website adress from Andrea Herbert.
    We are interested in volunteering for your project (4 to 8 weeks) during the summer 2010. We are two students ( 16 and 17 years old right now). We live in Geneva, Switzerland. We speak french, german and english fluently and we have been learning spanish in school for a year now. We want to volunteer in a spanish speaking country to improve our spanish and to communicate with another culture. Of course we would need to be staying somewhere during that period of time. Could you possibly tell us how much the costs would be for a project like this?
    If you have any other questions feel free to contact us,

    Nelly and Sophie

    Sophie Würzer
    Bernex-en-Combes 22
    CH – 1233 Bernex

    Nelly Schläfereit
    43, rte de Soral
    CH – 1232 Confignon


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