May 2010 Update

Greetings all,

It has been months since our last post and I just wanted to share a quick update of all the advances San Francisco Saludable has made since winning the Ashoka Changemakers “Designing for Better Health” competition and a grant from the Clinton Global Initiative.

First off, we were blessed to have made a connection with a Fulbright Scholar, Amanda Garratt, who has taken on the replication projects in two more Shipibo communities, Nueva Ahuaypa and Calleria. I will be asking her to add a post to let you know all the details of how the project evolved to meet smaller community needs.

Nueva Ahuaypa

I have taken two trips to Ahuaypa to oversee the construction of their mini-landfill and was very impressed with the work going on there and level of commitment to the project by the community as a whole. The work on the landfill was completed in about 4 days, including the building of a tin roof and deep trenches to divert rain water away from the main trench. We stuck to a similar plan of the San Francisco landfill, but we made extra precautions to keep the rain out. Also in the same plan of operation NO TOXIC or DANGEROUS MATERIALS are permitted to enter this landfill. We realize that a landfill is not a true solution in waste management, but until solutions are made higher up the technological nutrient cycle we need to do something with dirty diapers and packaging materials.

Along with the landfill, we also began putting up heavy duty collection bins throughout the community. These large plastic containers were used for transporting Alcohol amongst other liquids into the Amazon and are now helping to keep the rivers and communities clean, and they don’t rust!

One last note on Ahuaypa,

We have received a most excellent donation from a Shipibo healing center, the Temple of the Way of Light, ( to pay a monthly wage to the volunteer environmental promoter in the community, Lisenia. We thank all those at the Temple of the Way of Light and look forward to opportunities this brings us for the expansion of responsible waste management along the Ucayali river. With a little more support we may have a Resource Recovery boat between Ahuaypa and Pucallpa, with the potential of working with dozens of communities.

Lusenia is the president of the Resource Recovery Committee and has volunteered as the local coordinator for the project in Ahuaypa. ¡Icha birës irakë!

Back at home in San Francisco

The latest and most exciting news from the pilot project San Francisco Saludable is that the two collectors, currently Fabian Rengifo Cauper and Victor Alvarez Nicolas, have received work contracts from the district municipality. Preliminarily 2 months, this is a huge advance for the project and they are working hard to further demonstrate the value of the municipalities return in paying the wages of Fabian and Victor. Meanwhile Fabian has been extra busy reforesting 4 additional hectares (nearly 10 acres) while maintaining the 3 hectares (7.4 Acres) planted last year with support from Las Palapas Grill ( in Saskatoon, Canada through former volunteer Tessa Baker, another the artist Joel Harris (

Fabian has been using compost to fertilize the soil in the agro-forestry plots.

Primary School Garden Too!

San Francisco Saludable has also partnered up with the primary school in San Fran where Fabian and Victor sharing their matured compost and producing more compost on site at the Garden. Yet again we were blessed to have an amazing volunteer, Nadya Bell, who took on the development of demonstrative gardens at the Resource Recovery Center, coordination of the school garden with teachers, parents and kids, and the preparation the nearly 400 mt2. plot. We thank Nadya so much for her amazing work and would also like to put the word out to any potential volunteers to please consider coming and helping out. There is so much more to do and we have a great house and a great family to look after you while you are with us. We would also like to thank the Captain Planet Foundation for their support, along with Maria Maute, a former volunteer who helped raise additional funds after returning home.

Again, I hope to see more regular posting of the current advances of all the projects and would like to send out a huge hug and thanks to all those who have supported us over the past year.

Thank you so very much!

¡Muchisimas Gracias!

¡Icha birës irakë!

Nadya with a tree planted 10 months prior by the local preschool.

Ahuaypa Limpia y Saludable

Wilson "Wiso" Wito

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