SFS Refuse Collection Service

In the development of the integrated and complete waste management system in San Francisco de Yarinacocha, SFS has established the first collection service in the community. Each day a different material is collected according to the following schedule:

Collection Schedule:

Organic materials – Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Recyclable materials – Tuesday

Common (Non-Recyclable) refuse – Thursday

Each material is collected between 6:30am – 12:00pm.

Source Separation

In waste management source separation is needed to reduce work.  The human hours needed to pick out and organize trash is considerably higher than the amount of time that it takes one to place their waste in a separate bag or rubbish bin. Thus, it is very important to reduce energy expenditure in a business with little capital gains.  Time is money.  So we invest in promoting refuse separation within the home, that is, the source of the refuse.

Beginning in 2005 we developed a very basic scheme with one division between refuse: Good Garbage and Bad Trash.  The Buena Basura consists of all kitchen and natural yard refuse, while the Mala Basura is every other solid refuse that does not decompose without outside variables: plastics, metals, glasses, fabrics, batteries, household objects, and paper.  To reduce the work for the collectors even more we have taken this lesson a step further by separating the Mala Basura into Recyclables and Non-Recyclables. The result is dry and relatively clean trash to pick through, sort, and manipulate, while the wet garbage is easily concentrated to make compost. Following the weekly schedule, each of these three refuse products, organic, recyclable, and non-recyclable, are collected and taken to its corresponding location for disposal.

The Route

Through trial and error, Jose and Virgilio developed the current route in place.  The route covers all of the population that lives near all of the principal avenues in San Francisco.  They are a few families that live outside of the route and we are coordinating with them to bring their materials to the nearest location where our tricycle passes.  It is estimated that the current route covers 95% of the total population.

Each evening an announcement is made on the community loudspeaker about which material will be collected the following morning, and another announcement is made in the morning before the collection. Then Jose and Virgilio meet at the Recycling Collection Center (RCC) where the garbage trike is stored and they begin the route.  If the tricycle fills prior to the end of the route they return to the RCC to drop off the collection and then continue the route until it has been completed.

Once the route is completed each material is processed according to type; organic materials are used to build compost piles, recyclables are separated and stored in the RCC, and non-recyclables are sent to the sanitary landfill for disposal.  Lunch is taken at 12pm,  and any unfinished work is then completed in the afternoon.



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